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When Nick Fury debriefs Tony the screen on the right shows the report of the attack on Culver University which was in fact the Hulk. Hulk catches the unconscious Stark and screams in his face, waking him up.Erik Selvig mentioned Banner as the pioneer in gamma radiation. After Loki is sent back to Asgard with Thor and the Tesseract, Banner and Stark drive away in one of Stark's sports cars while the others go their separate ways.Exhilarated by the success of the antidote, Sterns reveals that he has synthesized Banner's blood sample into a large supply with the intention of using it to enhance the human condition to the next evolutionary level.Appalled by what Sterns had done and fearful of the Hulk's power falling into the wrong hands, Banner attempts to convince Sterns to destroy the blood supply but is shot by a tranquillizer from one of General Ross' snipers.This creates a relationship between Hulk and Natasha. Later at the Avengers Headquarters, Tony Stark has an idea about creating a robot called Ultron for the world's safety. Due to a mistake made by Stark, Ultron now thinks that the world is in danger because of the humans. The Avengers tries to ambush the hideout of Ultron in Wakanda, but the Scarlet Witch controls the minds of Captain America, Thor, Natasha Romanoff and Hulk.It takes time for Banner to agree with this project. after days of work, the Avengers decide to have a party. While Captain America and Thor are in their old memories, the Hulk goes on a rampage in a city of Wakanda.As the Hulk, Banner possesses an nearly unlimited degree of strength, speed, durability and regenerative capabilities that increases whenever he is even angrier, hence the old saying "the madder he gets, the stronger the Hulk becomes". He travels to the United States, where he sees that a now-recovered Betty is working at Culver University and is dating psychiatrist Leonard Samson.

The Abomination collapses, and the Hulk flees the scene with the army in hot pursuit. Banner is working as a doctor in India having not transformed for over a year. Banner willingly transforms into the Hulk and takes out a Leviathan with one punch then aids the Avengers in the battle.

Bruce experiences flashbacks of when he was in his Hulk form. It succeeded, but Fury realized, the Hulk can't be tamed yet. After Banner suffers a cut, and his blood drips into a soda bottle eventually drank by an ill-fated consumer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Ross discovers Banner's location, and sends a team to capture him, led by Russian-born British special operations expert Emil Blonsky.

When Banner is upset, angered, injured or in danger, he transforms into one of the most powerful beings in the MCU, 9 feet tall, green-skinned super powerful man-beast known as the Hulk. Following a ferocious battle in the soft drink bottling plant where he transforms into the Hulk, Banner escapes Blonsky, and ends up in Guatemala.

In an attempt to draw the Hulk out, the Abomination goes on a rampage through Harlem and Banner, realizing that the Hulk is the only one who can stop the Abomination, convinces General Ross to release him. When the team begins to spark unnecessary arguments, the brainwashed Clint Barton leads a team into the ship and explodes one of the engines, causing Banner and Romanoff to fall into the weapons cache room.

He jumps out of Ross' helicopter as it hovers over the city, hoping the fall will stimulate his adrenal glands into triggering a transformation. Injured from the fall, Banner transforms unwillingly despite Romanoff's efforts to calm him down and ends up falling off the Helicarrier after causing much destruction and even throwing down with Thor.

Nick Fury came in anonymously to the bar to speak with him to try and have the Hulk be used by S. Banner uses this job to sneak past a security guard to continue his research.

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